Solid Gold Piercing
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Solid Gold Piercing
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14K Gold Body Piercing, Gold Plated Body Jewelry, Cheap Gold Piercings

As summer nears and more skin starts to show, one should give thought to more than just what swimwear they will be flashing at the beach. Since summer is a time when so little gets covered up, accessories become a large part of the wardrobe. Recent years has seen a trend towards the display of body jewelry, especially in the warmer months and among both sexes. When buying gold body jewelry, there are a lot of factors to consider.

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14K gold straight barbell, 14ga, 16mm


14K white gold belly ring with teardrop-shaped stone and jeweled top ball


14K gold hinged belly ring with heart and leaves


10-Piece Ear Piercing Starter Kit, Optional Gauge


14K white gold nose screw with square CZ, 20 ga


14K gold nose bone with heart-shaped CZ, 20 ga


Gold Tone captive bead ring, 14 ga


14K Gold Captive Bead Ring


14K Gold Dermal Top


Gold Tone curved barbell, 14 ga


14K gold gemmed cherry belly button ring


14K Gold Double Jeweled Belly Ring, Amethyst


14K gold belly ring with heart-shaped stone & jeweled top ball


14K Gold dolphin nose bone, 20 ga


14K Gold internally threaded labret with Fleur-de-Lis charm top


14K Gold internally threaded labret with spider top


Gold Tone circular barbell, 14 ga


14K Gold Belly Ring with 6 mm Aquamarine CZ


14K gold nose screw with star-shaped CZ, 20 ga


10K real gold spiral toe ring with pink hearts and clear gem


14K gold belly ring with round stone and jeweled top ball


10K real gold toe ring with multi-gems


10K real gold star toe ring with tiny gems



Gold Body Jewelry for All

First, for males the selection of jewelry might be a simpler process since there are not so many types out there to choose from. Men who are interested in gold body jewelry might find appeal in sporting a gold necklace, rings, or even a bracelet against sun kissed skin while at the beach. Anything goes in true style form but men might consider sporting only one or two pieces, and nothing overly large as it can easily go from looking good to looking tacky in a hurry. A simple gold chain may be the most complementary piece of gold body jewelry for men, as it is sure to draw attention against a well-formed physique. If men choose a necklace that bears a charm, a small charm rather than a huge one will look much better. Remember also that just because a piece of jewelry is made of gold does not mean it has to be yellow gold; men might enjoy the effects of white gold body jewelry against well tanned skin also.

As for women, there are many types of gold body jewelry to choose from. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are the standard but now there are toe rings, bracelets intended to be worn on the upper arm, anklets, chains that can be worn around the waist, and a large selection of jewelry made for body piercings such as the belly. A female can choose almost any place imaginable to put jewelry as makers look for new and exciting ways to put a fresh twist on wearing something as classic as a bracelet. One word of caution that went for men also goes for women: too much gold body jewelry may create a tacky appearance, while just one or a few select pieces may create just the right effect when mixed with a summer wardrobe.

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